Atlantis-Pak Company is a leading global company producing plastic sausage casings and providing other value packaging solutions for the meat and cheese industry.

Headquartered in Rostov-on-Don region, Russia, Atlantis-Pak has, outside Russia, international representations in Kiev, Ukraine. We have established distributors in most world countries

Our casings for meat and dairy products, which include 12 base types and over 30 variants, are exported to over seventy countries.


Become  the leader in every market we serve and transform Atlantis-Pak to be the innovative company that best understands the product, process, service and customer values – globally.


To emerge from the position of domestic leader to the top global performer in the food packaging industry by creating innovative products, thereby capitalising on best practices from manufacture to market.



Starting 1993, Atlantis-Pak Company has continuously invested in becoming the leader in innovative solutions for the meat-processing industry.

1997. Start of AMIPAK, the world's first plastic casing for frankfurters and wieners. A year later, 22% of all frankfurter produced in Russia were enclosed in our AMIPAK casing.

1998. The introduction of AMIFLEX casing, Russia's first multilayer plastic casing for sausage products with a long shelf life. Today, AMIFLEX is one of the most popular casings, not only in Russia and CIS, but also in many other countries of the world.

2000-2001. The development and production start of the world's first complete series of permeable plastic casings: AMISMOK, AMITAN PRO, AMITAN PRO Sinyuga, for the production of semi smoked, boiled/smoked, boiled sausages, and AMILUX for smoked frankfurter products.

Additionally, in 2000, Atlantis-Pak started the manufacturing of AMIVAC, used as heat-shrinking vacuum bags for packaging of delicatessen meat products and cheeses.

2002-2003. The production start of ring-shaped AMISMOK and AMILUX casings, and enhancement to the AMIFLEX casing – AMIFLEX T Hams, AMIFLEX Tko Sinyuga, AMIFLEX T Stretch.

In 2004, Atlantis-Pak added the ultraviolet printing on its new seven-layer AMITEX casings, providing significant value and new opportunities in the design and marketing of sausage products

In 2005, with the production and sales of spices and ingredients, we added more valued products to our assortment. AMITEX Rondo, NATUREX, and EXTRAFLEX, a series of decorative casings, were developed.

2006. The development of FIBROSMOK casing.

2007. Production start of AMITEX Sonet casing in a mesh, and the addition of a production line for seven-layer heat-shrinking bags.

2011. iPeel, the world's first plastic easy-to-peel sausage casing was introduced.

Atlantis-Pak Co., Ltd. is acquired by Group Agrocom, a company engaged in meat processing and agricultural activities.

2012. iCel, an innovative and highly performant new permeable casing.

Atlantis-Pak is Halal and BRC certified.

2013. Production start of AMIVAC MBC shrink bags and DYPLEX casing.

2014. Production start of AMISTYLE tape and LST casing.


Atlantis-Pak continuously introduces innovative products, production methods and services.

In additions to the supply of casings, Atlantis-Pak provides additional value services, including shirring of casings, technical/after sales support, full-colour and multi-colour printing of casings and vacuum bags.

We especially take pride in our unique UV printing technology for the printing of sausage casings.


Our Strategy

Acknowledged by the world meat-processing industry as an innovative company, our aim is continuing introducing increasingly innovative products and services, just as we have been doing throughout the Company's history.

To achieve this, our strategy is based on the following pillars:

  • Drive profitable growth in the food industry determined by product performance, sustainability trends and geographical expansion.
  • Increase market penetration in core markets building on Atlantis-Pak strengths
  • Innovation & new product development, along with solid intellectual property protection
  • Strong and direct relations with Customers  and suppliers



Perepletchikov Igor, the Director General of Atlantis-Pak Co. Ltd.